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Dark Clouds appear, a strong wind begins to blow, the siren warning sounds, you hear thunder in the distance, slowly you feel the rain start to fall… You start to take cover, but wait something’s different… Your feet begin to move, you can’t stop your body from swaying, your head begins to bounce to a familiar groove…”Todays Forecast: Hot Rain, forget your umbrellas, bring your dancing shoes!!!

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Carl Noa
Fascinated by his father's rendition of stairway to heaven and tired of playing the ukulele, Carl Noa aka Capt cako picked up the guitar in the summer of 1998. As a writer he wrote songs performed by other bandmates, meanwhile singing backup until being thrown in the limelight as the lead vocalist. Since starting The Hot Rain Band in 2000 with fellow member Laga Savea its been a roller coaster ride on his musical journey.

Crystal Nakamaejo
"A proud mother of two amazing little boys, Crystal Nakamaejo (aka Jahprincess) began studying voice at the early age of 5. Since then she has performed and competed in different talent competitions and has been featured in numerous recording projects, including Brown Bags To Stardom and the Kamehameha Schools Children Chorus. Along with making sweet music with The Hot Rain Band, Crystal frequently sings with her church to glorify Jesus, the One who has blessed her with the gift of music."

Blaine Mateo
Masterbassist, born Blaine Mateo, first started playing bass out of
boredom with drummie Big L at church. His influences are the good and bad
bassists...inspired by the good ones and reminded not what to do from
the bad ones.

Chris Rodriguera
Chris aka Chris Rod, discovered his love for music while attending college at UH Manoa. in 2001 where he learned how to play the keyboard and developed his skill while playing in a church worship band.
 Chris joined THE HOT RAIN BAND in 2004 and has been playing keys and singing background vocals ever since.
 He currently holds a job at a private school as a skills trainer and works with children with autism and special needs. Although he loves his job, he hopes to begin a full time career in music with THE HOT RAIN BAND.

Jorell Nacapuy
Jorell aka Jay.Keyz started classical piano training at the age of five. His parents roots in their church choir, and his families love for music soon had him mimicking Gospel, Jazz, and R&B classics.
Jorell joined the Hot Rain band in early 2005, just returning from school in Arizona, he would go out to check out the island music scene and was soon recruited by Carl Noa to join the band.
In addition to a busy schedule touring with Hot Rain, Jorell is a well sought after producer and session player in the islands.

Leslie Ludiazo
Leslie aka Big L was born into a musical family. Since birth he was surrounded by music. His mother and father where both musicians and played in the same band. His sisters and all his brothers sing and play instruments as well. As a child his biggest musical influences were his brothers Roger and Freddy. They constantly challenged him as a child to be a better musician. One of his biggest accomplishments is to be able to play music at the level he’s playing right now and to be able to do it with friends he grew up with. Joing the band as a keyboard player and back ground vocalist in 2003, Les hopped on the drums in 2005 when the bands original drummer left the band. Since then Les has developed into one of the most sought after drummers in the islands.